Thanks for checking out our About page. We are a bunch of WordPress designers and developers who love building sites for our clients using WordPress.

A few among us have over 10 years of WordPress development experience who got started with WordPress since it's very early days!

Regarding this tiny tutorial website, we built the site for one purpose and that was to educate you on how to convert your PSD designs to WordPress. Simple and straight.


If you're reading this you probably came to us with your WordPress development project but found our prices to be high and we shared this DIY guide with you. Everyone has a different budget and we totally understand and respect that.

So we built this for you so that you can learn the process yourself and build the WordPress site on your own. Or choose from one of the other service providers we mentioned who can do the work for maybe at one fifth of the cost.

Consider this as a freebie and down the line if you feel you want us to build site for you, you can directly contact us.

Till then enjoy the tutorial and all the best with your PSD to WordPress tutorial.