Last Update: 6th Oct, 2022

You want to build a website and you have the layout ready in Photoshop. If you are wondering how to convert those PSD files to WordPress without having to do it on your own, you're at the right place. We're going to share the best PSD to WordPress services in market for you to choose from.

WordPress is an excellent CMS platform that can help you build your site with very easy to manage backend interface and a great community for if you get stuck anywhere. It has a market share of over 38%, which is huge so you're definitely making the right decision to get your designs converted to WordPress instead of any other platform out there.

Be it an e-commerce site, a simple information website, an entertainment portal, or even a marketing website, you can build pretty much anything using WordPress.

Though you have a lot of pre-made theme options in the market (thousands in fact), if you want a much more personalized and custom-made website designs, you turn to Photoshop. The tool allows you to make website layouts from scratch which great if you wants everything to be hands-on.

If you are not a tech-savvy person, don't know how to code in WordPress or just don't have time to do it, you don't have to worry. There are lot of service providers that work to help you with the same. Here, I have shared the best 5 PSD to WordPress service providers that you can turn to.

Best PSD to WordPress Services

All the services mentioned below are on the top of their game and offer to serve you at varying prices. I have mentioned the perks of each based on our own experience and industry reviews. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


Fantastech is a WordPress development agency that specializes in design to HTML and WordPress conversion projects. They have been working in WordPress since 2012 and have worked on over 1400 different projects so far.

They are one of the most popular PSD to WordPress providers in the industry with good reputation of delivering high quality websites at affordable pricing.

They are also very easy to work with. All you have to do is send them your PSD website design files with clear instructions on the functionalities you want to build. The team will carefully analyze your designs and go through the project requirement to give you a quote with an estimated timeline.

Then after you make the initial upfront payment, they will start working on your WordPress website and hand-code it for you.

Regarding price, they provide their services at a reasonable price starting $297 for homepage and $147 for inner pages (as of writing this). One downside of using them might be they're based in India. So if you're in US the timezone might be an issue. If you're from Europe or Australia that might not be much of an issue before there is time overlap. Still we'd suggest you talk with their team once about the timezone before hiring.


As the name suggests they solely provide PSD to WordPress service to their clients. Just FYI, our names might be similar ( but we're not related to them in any way.

This company has been in market for over a decade and has a good track record of providing services to all kinds businesses. They have worked on thousands of website projects, to provide their clients with bug-free, robust and fast loading websites.

Their process to convert your PSD website designs into a well developed WordPress website is similar to that of Fantastech and only requires 6 simple steps with them.

Initially, you will have to send all your requirements and designs to them and they will give you a quote and time frame for completing the work. After the advanced payment, they will complete the work and move the site from their server to your server. Also provide a 30 days support post deploying the website.

The PSD to WordPress service offered by them is costlier compared to the other options mentioned in this article and can vary vastly especially because they do not advertize the price on their website. But if their quote fit your budget, then you can definitely go with them.


HTMLPanda is a web development company that has been around since 2013 They have some really good projects in their Kitty. They are the proud developers of almost 15000 web projects with great customer reviews. They have a team of 50 developers and they provide all sorts of services for pretty much all popular CMSs.

Apart from the PSD to WordPress conversion service, they also work in Magento, Shopify, Drupal, OpenCart and others.


Just like any other 2 service providers, you have to contact the team to place your order and send them your PSD designs and tell them your requirements in brief.

After the quote is finalized and the development process starts, the team takes extra efforts to keep in touch with you and will update you on the progress as they go on to complete the PSD to WordPress conversion process.

They offer quite reasonable prices for the quality of work that they deliver. If you're looking for a bigger company where you are assigned a manager and a few developers to do the task, you can go ahead with these guys.


So far we have seen the website development companies with in-house WordPress developers who do the job themselves. Now, we will be seeing a particular marketplace that analyzes what you want and assigns experts to do the job for you.

Codeable is a marketplace of WordPress developers where you can find expert freelancers who can help you in converting the PSD Website designs into pixel-perfect WordPress websites.

You have to start off by sending your design requirements and all the necessary details to the Codeable team and they will narrow down expert freelancers, usually 4 to 5 of them, and give the options to you.

Once you decide on the best freelancer, you will receive a bid from them and once you agree with that, they will start the development process for you. Codeable does not have any predefined rates and it entirely depends upon your choice of the freelancers.

You will be paying more for those freelancers who are highly experienced and have some really note-worthy projects under their sleeves.

Though the marketplace does not decide the cost of your particular project, they have an average cost display that can be taken as a rough estimate of how much the project will cost.


This is one of the most popular marketplaces out there for getting your work done, without much of a hassle.

The Upwork platform has plenty of WordPress freelance developers who are experienced with PSD to WordPress conversion and all you have to do is make an account and put up a job requirement on the site.


You can mention your budget, write down your requirements in the description box, upload your PSD files and Upwork will launch your job ad. Any freelancer who is willing to do your work at the mentioned budget will be able to bid for your job.

Once you interact with the applicants, you can settle for the best and further talk to them about your precise requirements and decide on a time frame.

Upwork also offers payment security so unless and until you get your work and approve it, your funds remain in Upwork Escrow and will only be released post that. If not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.


Because of the popularity of WordPress there are thousands of developers that can help you to get the PSD to WordPress conversion done. But sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at all of them and not be able to settle down with one.

In that case, this list of these top 5 will help you better and you’ll get great results if you decide to select any of the above options.

If you think this article helped you clear out some webs in the head, do write to us in the comments section below and we’ll also be happy to answer any queries if you have them.